Kayaking Surfers



The description of Kayaking Surfers

Dash into Wild River and run your boat to be among top adventurous kayaking surfers. It’s time to beat ruthless waves for an adventure. Adventure is calling you, are you ready for the challenge?
Play as Kayaking Surfer through realistic and stunning 3D environment for a lifetime experience. You are going to kayak through white waters surrounded by wild forests full of beasts, silent mountains, and high canyons. Use your flexes at best to dive, jump and turn left and right by swiping and confront daring obstacles. Earn more coins by running longer and buy characters, boats, shields, and life jackets to unleash your inner adventurous self for a different 3D kayaking adventure.


This is the world’s first 3D endless kayaking surfers game. Do you dare to accept the challenge to stay on top score?


You might have surf through streets, oceans, rivers, subways, metros or motorways. Now it’s time to be a skilled kayaking surfer.


You have multiple options to choose your favorite character from Sikoo, Zari and Isloo. And couple of more interesting characters are already on their way.


You can choose your favorite among different boats for an exciting experience.


Well, you got some pirates on your way while kayaking to loot you, don’t let them to spoil your adventure.


It’s High definition realistic environment to make you feel amazed and to give a bewildering experience.
This is the world’s first kayaking game with High Definition Optimized Graphics.


Use power ups like shield, life jackets, coins magnet and double score star to increase kayak surfing power for more fun.

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