Slingpin – bowling with a slingshot



The description of Slingpin – bowling with a slingshot

Slingpin is a fun and addictive arcade/puzzle type of game. The goal is to knock down all bowling pins by aiming and firing your bowling ball with a slingshot. Sounds easy, right?

The difficulty increases as you progress through the game. You must carefully aim and shoot – it requires great skills and timing to get three stars on all levels!

Slingpin is not your regular, ten-pin bowling game. Watch out for explosives, magnets, lasers, tennis ball cannons, pinball bumpers and other creative obstacles. Pins could be nailed to the wall, hanging from chains, attached to moving platforms or teleporting between different locations. Use your slingshot, aim and shoot at the right moment to knock ’em down.

To hit them all you must fire your bowling ball through wooden crates, bounce of stone walls, sneak through narrow passages, push buttons and use pinball flippers or soap bubbles to expand your reach. Only using a slingshot!

If you get tired of the single player game, you can always unlock the local multiplayer part for some head to head action. Challenge up to four friends in a bowling tournament on your phone or tablet. Get ready for some sick bowling fun with friends and family!

– 100% free! Smash as many bowling pins as you want!
– 110 fun and challenging levels!
– Addictive! Can you get a strike on each level using a slingshot?
– Puzzles of varying difficulty (easy, medium, hard and INSANE)
– Simple gameplay! Easy to learn, hard to master! Anyone can play – kids, teenagers and adults!
– Solve the puzzles, unlock new levels, collect all stars and become the Slingpin king!
– Lots of obstacles! Laser fences, magnets, explosives, cannons, bumpers.
– Play with friends! Local multiplayer (unlockable via in-app purchase)!
– Frequently updated with new levels and features!

All levels are free and ads can be removed via in-app purchase. Tell all your friends, rate the game and don’t forget to follow us on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! The game is also available for Windows Phone/Windows 10.

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What are you waiting for? Get ready for some wild, slingshot action and knock down some pins in this crazy physics game!




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