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The description of Weed Crush Match 3 Candy – ganja puzzle games

Play and crush weed in this addictive match 3 puzzle game. Collapse ganja candy and collect hemp to become cannabis stoner. Use illegal moves like match 4 to create bonuses. Smoke them out with match 5 games! Product full of THC hash and skunk kush. Choose Indica or Sativa strain. Wicked rastaman hero make pausa, gather and snoop narcotic sweets from a medicinal grass Jamaica. Match 3 games free to download!

Levels have different difficulty, well balanced to maryjane crushed stoner mind. Collect fun & addictive puzzle adventure match 5 games and many others.
If you prefer Sativa hemp it will be easier than Indica strain.
Like candy? Your task is to crushing them all! Puzzles again.

🌱 Legalize features:
★ Many match-3 games levels full of cannabis
★ Special medicinal weed collapse with match 5
★ Beautiful background with rasta marijuana kush
★ Multicolor narcotic animations
★ Indica collapse THC skunk
★ Sativa kush strain crushing
★ Illegal moves in match 4 games with power-ups hash

đŸ’Ē Join addictive puzzle match-3 games:
Each background has some themes related to cannabis. The grass story starts on Indica farm. When you rastaman completes some THC levels you will travel to the sandy beach to become marijuana stoner.
You can buy some nice legalize power-ups with rewarded video or just generate them by crushing match 4 or more.

🎮 How to play Weed Crush Match 3 Candy:
✅ Download our match 3 game for free
✅ Match 3 puzzle and help wicked rastaman to snoop all skunk sweets and hashish
✅ Collect prizes and narcotic bonuses by match 4
✅ Growing experience and difficulty
✅ Play and enjoy thousands of multicolor levels
✅ Reach high scores try match 3 to get three THC stars with striped weed sweets

đŸ”Ĩ Available legalize power-ups:
– Multicolor ganja. Match 5 to destroy all hemp with the same color
– 5 striped ganja. Adds special kush strain when you start to play
– Boom collapse. Match 4 games to mary jane
– Stoner Indica waste of Rasta
– Drag candy sweets against to crush others multicolor
– Replace near medicinal grass to make match 3 game
– Crush maryjane strain
– Available for illegal move

This cool skunk game has 4 play types of match-3 games to fill your time with different experience. You will not be bored. End of energy? Order your favourite capricciosa. Again you can play!

🕹ī¸Â Match 4 types for wicked rastaman:
✓ Collect Sativa cannabis for rasta
✓ Snoop and collect grass ingredients for maryjane
✓ Get crushed hemp sweets from blocks
✓ Get THC skunk scores with smoke striped

All addictive free match 3 games items contain marijuana graphics. Designed for stoner also mary jane lovers.

🎉 Snoop smoke explosions by crushing this combination:
– Swap and match 3 puzzle to make narcotic line blast.
– Match 4 medicinal doping to get striped.
– Match 5 grass to legalize bomb from hashish.
– Get out wicked rastaman with match-3 games in a row and get special colorful smoke.
– Connect 2 special multicolor hash and striped kush to greater smoke.

đŸ“Ŗ Please remember that marijuana is still illegal narcotic in some countries. We no urge you to use hemp even if it is legalized for medicinal. Marijuana graphics are used only for a humorist reason like sativa.đŸ“Ŗ

Go, play & crushed addictive puzzle!

âŦ‡ī¸ Match 3 games free to download for all!
Make a pausa, gather & snoop out all amusing cannabis. Crush weed and match ganja candy!




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